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Bankers Hill Parking Committee

The city of San Diego created Parking Meter Districts in 1997 to provide parking impacted communities a way to create and implement parking management solutions.  They are managed through City Council Policy #100-18


The Uptown Parking Advisory Board is elected from members of the four neighborhood committees. The neighborhoods include:  Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, Mission Hills and International Restaurant Row.


The parking district’s charter is to address parking inventory/supply, uniformity of parking allocation, traffic circulation, public information, public transit and comprehensive system management.


A portion of revenue from parking meters within the district may be used to implement solutions such as parking lots, parking  structures, valet parking and parking/transportation signage as per City Council Policy #100-18

Uptown Community Parking District Mission Statement:


The Uptown Community Parking District’s mission is to improve availability and supply of parking for residents and businesses, by re-investing its portion of parking meter funds with fiscal responsibility.  The district will also consider traffic circulation, transit effectiveness, biking, and pedestrian mobility in its neighborhoods and develop creative collaborations to support a vibrant local economy.

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